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Easy Chicken Tandoori Recipe


Easy Chicken Tandoori Recipe Easy Chicken Tandoori Recipe


  • 400 g chicken (any parts you like),
  • 2 tsps tomato paste,
  • 2 tsps plain yogurt,
  • 1 tbsp grape vinegar,
  • 1 tsp sugar,
  • 2 tsps salt,
  • 1/4 cup water at room temperature,
  • 2 tsps vegetable oil.


  1. Combine tomato paste, yogurt, vinegar, sugar and salt in a deep bowl and mix well,
  2. Put chicken pieces in the mixture and mix with your hands,
  3. Set aside in the fridge at least 1 hours, max. 12 hours,
  4. Put water in a pressure cooker,
  5. Place chickens in the water and cover the lid,
  6. Cook for 30-35 mins. in the medium burner and medium heat in your cooker,
  7. Remove chicken from the pot,
  8. Remove the bones and transfer to a baking dish,
  9. Pour vegetable oil on top,
  10. Bake at 190 C degrees for 10 mins.

Bon appetit…



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