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Artichoke Salad with Yogurt Recipe


Artichoke Salad with Yogurt Recipe

Last week I was making this artichoke salad. I boiled and drained the artichokes. I drained the yogurt and I was about to grate the garlic. Then I realized that one clove of garlic is too much for the recipe as I was not going to use plenty of artichokes or yogurt.

In Turkey I was using garlics that my mother grow in her garden and they were really small. For example if I were using them in this recipe I would probably need two cloves of garlic. But store bought garlics both in Turkey and Spain are huge. So, lately I’m afraid to give garlic amounts as one or two cloves as just 1/3 of a clove of garlic is ok for a standart dish or salad.

So I recommend to use your instincts about the amount of the garlic while using them, but not the amount written in the recipes.

About the recipe… As written below you can use just the hearts or whole artichokes. You can use Greek yogurt or drain a standart plain yogurt with a clean kitchen towel before using to thicken it. Getting rid of the excessive water of the yogurt gives better result in yogurt salads.

Enjoy the recipe…

Artichoke Salad with Yogurt Recipe


  • 5 whole artichokes or artichoke hearts,
  • 5 tablespoon of thick yoghurt,
  • 1/3 garlic garlic,
  • Salt,
  • Pepper flakes for topping.


  1. If you are going to use whole artichokes, trim and clean them,
  2. Quarter them and boil in a sauce pan until tender,
  3. Drain and set aside until they cool down,
  4. Grate or chop the garlic and add into the yogurt,
  5. Add the artichokes and some salt and mix well,
  6. Take into a serving plate and sprinkle pepper flakes on top.

Bon appetit…


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