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Grilled Peach Recipe


Grilled Peach Recipe

I have an incredibly easy and delicious “dessert” recipe today. When you crave for sweet things to the point of wanting to eat handful of sugar cubes, if someone says just eat a peach, please stop and don’t hit their mouth with a peel wood. Maybe they have an idea to get the peach beyond the peach. Biting a raw peach is one thing, and flavoring it with butter and sugar, cooking on the grill and eating with ice cream is another thing.

When I was little I sometimes cut the apple in half and put it on the stove and cook and eat with a spoon. Again, I loved to cook and eat the tangerine slices on the stove until the peel thickens and it smells like grilled. In compotes, while many people leave the fruits in the bowl and just drink the water, I get more fruits from the compote rather than water. Especially if it is cherry or fresh apricot, give me the whole. I like baked fruit as much as raw fruit as you can see. Desserts such as upside-down cakes or apple tarts, which are made by cooking the fruit without losing its form, are also desserts that speed up my heartbeat.

I wanted to share another fruit dessert before the end of summer. This recipe is for you if you have started a diet to get rid of the weight you gained on holidays and want to eat innocent desserts.

I grilled the peaches in the panini toaster. I closed the lid while I was doing it, so it cooked on both sides, not only one side. In this way the peach was softer, much more like a real dessert than fruit. I’ve written a few grilling alternatives in the recipe, but I think the panini toaster is the best.

Enjoy the recipe…

Grilled Peach Recipe


  • 2 peaches,
  • 1 teaspoon of granulated sugar,
  • 1 teaspoon of butter at room temperature,
  • 4 balls of ice cream to serve.


  1. Cut the peaches into two and remove the seeds,
  2. Mix the sugar and butter and apply to the cut sides of the peaches,
  3. Heat the toaster, electric grill, grill pan or a non-stick pan,
  4. Place the peaches on the grill so that the buttered sides touch to the hot surface,
  5. Cook until it changes colour to the desired consistency,
  6. Serve with ice cream.



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