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Turkish Coffee With Milk


Turkish Coffee With Milk

People in my ages have grown hearing from the adults that children don’t drink coffee in Turkey. As preparing Turkish coffee takes time, adults didn’t prepare for the children probably or may be they were thinking that coffee is harmful to children. But from time to time, if they were in a good moods moms were preparing Turkish coffee with milk for children.

I normally drink coffee without sugar but as I’m used to drink this coffee with sugar in my childhood, I still drink it with sugar, but moderately.  Turkish coffee is served to small children in Turkish tea cup, and with water glass for older children. As I put myself in the category of older children I drink it in Turkish water glass:)

By the way the brownies in the background are gluten free red bean brownies.

Enjoy the recipe…

Turkish Coffee With Milk


  • 4 cups of milk,
  • 4 heaping tsp of Turkish coffee,
  • 4 tsp of sugar.


  1. Combine milk, coffee and sugar in a sauce saucepan,
  2. Cook in medium heat constantly stirring until it starts to boil,
  3. Share to the cups and serve hot.

Bon appetit…


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