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Geladinho Recipe


Geladinho Recipe

Today I have an easy to make and fun to eat ice cream recipe. A recipe with South American origin; geladinho. I could not find the recipe in Spanish sources, so it is either a recipe known / made in Portuguese-speaking countries or known with a different name in Spanish speaking countries. Because it has dozens of names even in Portuguese. Dindin, chup chup, gelinho, sacolé are some of them. The most commonly used names are dindin and geladinho. Geladinho is the name of the first brand to commercialize this ice cream, that is, to produce and sell it.

As I said at the beginning, it is very simple to make. There is no need to take out and stir every hour or wait for hours to freeze like most of no machine homemade ice creams. The ingredients are mixed, shared into popsickle bags and put in the freezer. Since it is shaped in small portions, it freezes in a short time.

You can find bags for this ice cream in packaging stores and online. You can use store bough or home made sweetened condensed milk.

There are three ingredients to form the base of the recipe; sweetened condensed milk, milk and cream. After mixing these three, you can make geladinho with any flavor you want. You can make fruit flavored geladinho by adding half a cup of fruit puree to a cup of base mixture. It will be enough to add the same amount of melted chocolate (it is better to melt the chocolate together with heavy cream) to make chocolate geladinho, to add vanilla bean powder with the tip of a knife or teaspoon to make it vanilla flavored, and the juice and grated peels of a lemon to make a lemon flavored geladinho. I gave a few examples with the aromas I can think of and have tried before, but sky is the limit. You can try as many varieties and experiments as you want according to your own creativity and courage. You can also add alcohol to your geladinhos.

Enjoy the recipe…

Geladinho Recipe


  • 200 ml sweetened condensed milk,
  • 200 ml of whole milk,
  • 200 ml heavy cream,
  • Chocolate,
  • Vanilla bean powder,
  • Fresh fruits you desire.


  1. Whisk sweetened condensed milk, milk and cream in a deep bowl,
  2. Divide it into as many separate containers as how many types you will prepare,
  3. For vanilla flavor, add vanilla bean powder with the tip of a knife and mix,
  4. For fruity ones, add half a cup of fruit puree (fruit pulsed in a food processor) to 1 cup of geladinho base mixture and mix,
  5. Divide the mixtures you have prepared into popsickle bags with the help of a funnel and seal the ends,
  6. For the chocolate covered one, melt the chocolate you like and divide it into bags and press it to spread it on all sides and then fill it with the desired mixture with a funnel again and seal the end,
  7. Lift the geladinhos to the freezer until they freeze.



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