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Pan Con Tomate Recipe


Pan Con Tomate Recipe Pan Con Tomate Recipe

I started to live in Spain a few months ago. So I have the chance to taste traditional Spanish food and try them in Turkish style at home. Pan con tomate is one of the traditional and most common Spanish dishes. It means bread with tomato. It is generally eaten for breakfast but it’s not bizarre to eat for lunch or dinner. It is generally consumed with coffee or fresh orange juice but I made a slice change and served it with Turkish tea. Believe me it is as delicious as with coffee and orange juice.


  • Bread,
  • Grated tomatoes,
  • Olive oil,
  • Garlic (optional),
  • Salt.


  1. Slice the breads horizontally and fry them in the oven, pan or toasting machine,
  2. If you want to use, cut the garlic in half and rub over the slices of toasted bread,
  3. Share the grated tomato on the slices,
  4. Spread the olive oil on it,
  5. Sprinkle salt according to your taste,
  6. It’s not very common, but you can also put some cheese, ham or anchovy on top.

Bon Appetit…


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