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Icelandic Caramelized Potatoes Recipe


Icelandic Caramelized Potatoes Recipe

I try to add something to my food culture in every country I visit. When you visit a country for a few days, it is not usually possible to get to know a whole kitchen, but if you have enough money you can do it in Iceland. Unfortunately, they do not have a wide range of food because of the climate conditions (I guess). There is a possibility that the number of food they have can count up to fingers of two hands but cannot double it.

I say “if you have money” because Iceland is a very expensive country for outsiders. So if you go for a few days, you’ll need a solid budget to eat outside every meal and get to know Icelandic cuisine. We chose not to. Instead, we decided to move on with the motto “I can make it more delicious at home” and experience Iceland cuisine at home.

Since we thought that fermented shark would not suit our taste buds, I wanted to start this adventure with a recipe that can be made with more easily found ingredients such as caramelized potatoes. They also have a soup I want to try. But I don’t think I want to go any further. As one of the most popular Google searches about Iceland is “disgusting food in Iceland”.  Above I politely mentioned as fermented shark, the rotten shark, ram’s testicles or sheep’s head are the most known ones for example.

Not using salt?

Like many potato recipes, caramelized potatoes are a dish that suits meat, chicken and fish. While it is not as sweet as baklava or rice pudding, you feel the sugar while eating the potatoes. If you like to create a balance of taste by eating something sweet next to a savory dish, you would probably like it when served with meat, chicken or fish. It’s not used in the original version, but sprinkling some rock salt on it strengthens its flavor.

Enjoy the recipe…

Icelandic Caramelized Potatoes Recipe


  • 500 g small potatoes,
  • 1 tablespoon sugar,
  • 1 tablespoon of butter.


  1. Take the potatoes into a sauce pan and add water enough to come about 1 cm above the potatoes,
  2. Simmer in low-mid heat until tender,
  3. Peel the potatoes and quarter them,
  4. Melt the sugar in a large pan,
  5. Add the butter and mix,
  6. Add the potatoes and cook the potatoes without crushing until each piece is covered with the caramel,
  7. While serving, you can sprinkle with thick sea salt.



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