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Cevizli Sucuk Recipe


Cevizli Sucuk Recipe

Cevizli sucuk, which means sudjuk/sausages with walnuts is a traditional Turkish dessert that is made with similar or different names with similar or different methods. In the past, when there were no different kinds of cakes, desserts, chocolate and candies in pastry shops, markets and grocery stores, cevizli sucuk was a very valuable food. For those who know its taste, it still is, but this time it is not easy to find real cevizli sucuk without sugar or even glucose syrup.

We have started to take glucose syrup usage in store bought food, but unfortunately it is almost impossible to find even a sugar-free cevizli sucuk recipe. Extra sugar is added in almost all recipes you can find online. It is actually something that is not necessary at all. As it is known, molasses is a very sugary food. Although water and flour are added, while cooking and drying, the water it contains evaporates to a large extent and cevizli sucuk becomes a more sugary food than molasses.

Cevizli sucuk, as it is known in some regions, is actually made not with molasses, but with evaporated grape juice, which is the previous stage of molasses, over wood fire, in large cauldrons. This recipe is a home-made version for those who miss the taste of their hometown and have no opportunity to find them, or who cannot rely on the content and cleanliness of the store bought ones.

As I mentioned above, cevizli sucuk can be made in different ways in different cities. I created my recipe in the light of tips and tricks I received from my father-in-law from and my mother-in-law who live in Beypazarı, a small town famous for their delicious cevizli sucuks. Since they do it in large quantities, they are not measured, but the information they gave me about what to pay attention to made my job easier.

I used half grape molasses and half Spanish miel de caña in the cevizli sucuk you see in the photo. The color of the miel de caña is black, as seen in the photo. That’s why the color of cevizli sucuk is also very dark. With a browner molasses, your cevizli sucuks will be lighter. I am only telling this as an example. The essence of the matter is that the color of the cevizli sucuk you will obtain will change according to the ingredients you use. Color is not a sign of success or failure.

I arranged the walnuts in quarter wings. If you want them to be more walnutty, you can also arrange it as half wing, but having tried both, I can say that the quarter wing is enough. Another tip about walnuts; When threading the walnuts, make sure that the serrated parts of the walnuts are facing upwards so that they can hold the molasses mixture better.

Enjoy …

Cevizli Sucuk Recipe


  • 250 g walnuts,
  • 3 cups of any kind of molasses,
  • 1.5 cups of water,
  • 1 cup of flour.


  1. Thread a needle about 1 meter of quilt yarn or two layers of thinner thread,
  2. Tie a toothpick to the needle-free end of the thread,
  3. Thread a quarter of the walnuts in the form of a quarter wing, with the serrated parts facing upwards, with the needle, and remove the needle,
  4. Place the remaining walnuts on three different strings that you have prepared in the same way, remove the needle,
  5. Take the molasses into a pot,
  6. Whisk the flour and water in a bowl,
  7. Add the mixture to the molasses and mix well,
  8. Cook on medium heat, stirring constantly, until the consistency is thickened and the smell of flour disappears, then remove from heat,
  9. Immerse the walnuts in the molasses mixture and remove immediately,
  10. Wait for two or three minutes, then dip each of them in the same mixture again and then remove,
  11. Make sure that the sucuks are hang and don’t touch anywhere or to each other,
  12. If possible, keep the sucuks in the open air and under the sun until they are dry,
  13. Store the dried cevizli sucuks in a sealed container or bag.

Bon Appetit…


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