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Canned Cornelian Cherry Juice Recipe


Canned Cornelian Cherry Juice Recipe


  • 5 kg cornelian cherry,
  • 5 cups sugar,
  • 6 lt water.


  1. Remove the stalks of cornelian cherries,
  2. Wash and drain,
  3. In a deep pan combine cornelian cherries with water,
  4. Cook until the cornelian cherries are all popped and break down,
  5. Drain cornelian cherries with a cheese cloth and take cornelian cherry juice into a deep pan,
  6. Add sugar and cook until sugar dissolves,
  7. Scoop the mixture into the jars,
  8. Seal the jars tight,
  9. Place the jars into a pressure canner or pressure cooker and cover with hot water,
  10. Cover the lid and cook for 3-5 mins after the steam comes out,
  11. Remove the jars from water and dry with a towel,
  12. Turn the jars upside down and set aside overnight,
  13. Keep in a cool place away from sun.

Bon appetit…


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