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Sourdough Starter Recipe


Sourdough Starter Recipe

You can do better than this he said showing the sourdough bread in his hand which we bought from the supermarket. Don’t bring trouble on me I said, I already lots on me. He started to beg, you are the most, you are the best, you can do it… I couldn’t resist and started my first trial the other day.

As the first thing I bought a pack of organic whole wheat flour as every recipe I read before was calling for the most organicest flour you can find. It’s almost like if possible it’s better if you can grow your own grains. So I thought it’s a must to use organic flour. I washed everything before using, I measured the flour and water with a scale gram by gram. I gave her a beautiful name. I used colourful tapes to see the change, etc.

To cut it short, it died in the fourth day as I used excessive water (which I scaled according to the recipe I used). I learned one thing from this, I should use water according to the flour not recipe.

the next day I started a new starter with a regular all purpose flour. I measured with cup not scale. I didn’t care it much actually.

This is the consistency in the first day, it’s like a bundt cake batter, just a little more shiny.

Sourdough Starter Recipe

In the second day it started to see bubbles and a thin crust was formed.

Sourdough Starter Recipe

In the third day it switched from batter to dough, it became more elastic.

Sourdough Starter Recipe

In the fourth day the bubbles are bigger.

Sourdough Starter Recipe

In the fifth day the crust became thicker.

Sourdough Starter Recipe

In the sixth day I made my first trial. I dropped a small batch of starter into a glass of water and looked if it floats over or goes down. In this test if the starter floats it means that it’s ready to use, if it goes down it means that you should keep feeding it.

Sourdough Starter Recipe

In the seventh day my sourdough starter was ready.

Sourdough Starter Recipe

As I said I used a regular flour, you can choose whichever flour you want to use. I used drinkable tap water. If you don’t have access to safe to drink tap water you can use bottled water.

The time your starter needs to be ready will change according to lots of things such as weather conditions, water, flour, etc. Don’t rush. Actually don’t rush in any process concerning sourdough starter or sourdough bread. Just give how long time it needs in every step.

Lastly every source about sourdough starter says that you should feed the starter exactly in every 24 hours, I didn’t set an alarm and didn’t care the 24 hours rule and I didn’t have any problems about it.

Sourdough Starter Recipe


  • 1/2 cup flour,
  • 1/2 cups water at room temperature,
  • Extra flour and water.


  1. Take the flour and water into a wide glass jar and mix with a clean wooden spoon until a smooth consistency, cover with a clean kitchen cloth and set aside in a cupboard away from sun,
  2. 24 hours later, add 1/2 cup of flour and 1/2 cup of water, mix well,
  3. 24 hours later, pour 2/3 of the mixture, add 1/2 cup of flour and 1/2 cup of water, mix well,
  4. Repeat the same process in every 24 hours until it is completely foamy and passes the water test (for 2-7 days more),
  5. You can use the starter right away or keep in the fridge feeding 2-3 times a week.

Bon appetit…


  1. Love your recipes! Just a question,
    On the 3 rd you say to pour the 2/3 of the mixture .
    Now do I pour out 2/3 of the actual sourdough mixher out and then add more flour and water is this what you mean ? I want to make my own bread as that’s what I love making ..😊thank you for your recipes! Selam

    • Yes exactly like that. We should use equal amount of sourdough starter, water and flour. If we don’t throw away a part of it every time we would have bulk of sourdough starter at hand which we can’t use for the rest of our lives:) I will be sharing sourdough bread recipes in the coming days also, so keep following:)


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