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Ekşimik Cheese Recipe


Ekşimik Cheese Recipe

Ekşimik Cheese Recipe

Ekşimik Cheese Recipe


  • 2 lt milk,
  • 1 kg plain yogurt,
  • Salt to taste.


  1. In a deep pan combine and mix milk and yogurt well,
  2. Cook in medium heat, constantly stirring,
  3. First the mixture will start to decompose and you will see a yellowish water in patches,
  4. Then the cheese will start to get crumbly and you will see cheese pieces floating over the yellowish water,
  5. At that point remove the pan from the heat,
  6. Set a cheese cloth on a drainer and put drainer on a deep bowl,
  7. Pour the cheese into cheese cloth,
  8. Tighten the cheese cloth,
  9. Set aside the cheese for 2 hours,
  10. Add some salt according to your taste and combine,
  11. Put cheese in a glass jar and keep in the fridge,
  12. You can use the cheese water in place of milk in all of yout pastries and cakes.

Bon appetit…


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