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Boza Recipe


Boza Recipe

Boza is the most popular winter drink in Turkey. You should expect a winter drink to be hot, but it’s not. It’s cold but it’s really healthy and is good for winter colds and breathing problems.

I tried my first boza a few years ago, but didn’t like result because of the ingredients I used. There are a few ways (with different ingredients) to make boza and the one I chose was wrong for me.

This year I found the best ingredients; millet. In my first experiments, I had to adhere to written sources and added a few drops of sourdough starter and fresh yeast in different times and I ended up with an unbearable yeast odor.

I decided to take a break and think. What is it that makes boza, boza? To be fermented. What I need for this? Bacteria. Are sourdough starter and fresh yeast the only source of bacteria? No.

We do not use yeast to make sourdough starter, chickpea yeast, turnip juice, or pickles from scratch . I don’t want to make bread, so I don’t need yeast to ferment the millet. In this case, all I had to do was feed the millet with sugar and keep it in an appropriate temperature, so I did. And a few days later I had the exact smell, color, consistency and flavor I wanted. Next time, I added half cup of boza to my new boza. In this way boza was fermented in a shorter time and its flavor was also better. I have been producing boza regularly for about a month and it gets even more delicious every time.

It may sound like it contains so much sugar, and yes, technically it does. But this sugar is essentially the food of bacteria. As it waits, bacteria eat sugar and make you boza. Therefore, as a result of fermentation, boza is not as sugary as you would expect it to be. After straining it, I usually add two tablespoons of extra sugar. But after tasting you may decide not adding at all or add more.

Let me underline one last thing. Pay attention to the ingredients mentioned in the recipe, such as wooden spoon and plastic strainer. Metal is a material that damages the fermentation process, be careful not to contact fermented food with metal containers.

Enjoy the recipe…

Boza Recipe


  • 1 cup millet,
  • 6,5 cups of water,
  • 1 cup + extra sugar to taste.


  1. Wash and drain the millet and take into a pot,
  2. Add the water and simmer until soft,
  3. Remove the pot from heat and pulse with an immersion blender until smooth, take it in a deep glass bowl or jar,
  4. Add 1 cup of sugar and mix,
  5. After it cools down, cover with plastic wrap and set aside in a cool place away from sun for three days, stirring every day with a wooden spoon once a day,
  6. At the end of the third day, filter with a fine plastic strainer (about 2-3 tablespoons of pulp will come out, you can eat the pulp) and take it into a bottle,
  7. Add and mix sugar according to your taste,
  8. Put it in the refrigerator and let it sit for two more days,
  9. You can serve it the next day or store it in the refrigerator for 3-4 days (the taste will sharpen as you wait).

Bon Appetit…


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