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Turkish Pasta Eriste Recipe


Turkish Pasta Eriste Recipe

Erişte is home made Turkish pasta. It’s generally prepared around September as a winter preparation.

I haven’t been making erişte for a long time. My mother-in-law prepares or gets it prepared it for me every year. This year it was not possible for us to go to Turkey, so we couldn’t get any erişte. Though, we still have plenty of erişte, since last year she has already given erişte enough for three years. But at least I had the opportunity to make my own erişte, albeit in small quantities. And after a long time I saw that my erişte settings have changed. In Beypazarı, the home town of my husband, they cut the erişte very short and very thin. So thin that the thickness of the dough and the width of the eriştes are almost the same. They have a kind of rectangular prism shape.

Turkish Pasta Eriste Recipe

Whereas a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, I used to like larger, longer erişte, if I remember correctly. As such, my erişte making process turned into a sociology or psychology research. Result; When the subject, who was under pressure on a certain subject for a long time, was examined after being released, it was observed that she could not act freely enough in the subject she was pressured. My eriştes are wider and longer than Beypazarı eriştes, but they are shorter and narrower than I wanted. I would like to thank all Beypazarı people for giving me this opportunity to make this research. You can also cut your eriştes in the width and length you want.

What kind of flour is used for making erişte?

Going back to our erişte recipe … Eriştes already have very few ingredients and no special procedure is applied in the making of erişte. A simple eggy dough kneaded, rolled and cut. The only thing you should pay attention to is that the flour you use is high in protein. If the flour is high in protein, the dough will be hard and easy to cut, and will keep its shape after being cut. The protein amount of the flours is written on the nutrition table on the package. In normal flours, this amount is generally around 9-10 g. When you need to use a high protein flour, it should be over 12 g.

How to Dry Erişte?

I mentioned it in the recipe, but let me underline it here. You can dry the erişte under the sun, at room temperature or in the oven. This means that you do not need to prepare the eriştes in autumn as winter preparation. You can even do it in the middle of winter. I usually take the question about this for winter preparations with tomatoes. For example they ask “Can I make this canned tomato now in January?”  Sure, but why would you want to keep a winter tomato longer? But since the ingredients in the erişte dough are available and used in all seasons, there is no such obstacle.

Enjoy the recipe…

Turkish Pasta Eriste Recipe


  • 2 eggs,
  • 1/2 cup of water,
  • 2.5-3 cups of high protein flour,
  • 1/2 teaspoon of salt.


  1. Whisk the eggs, water and salt in a deep bowl,
  2. Add the flour part by part and knead until you have a very hard dough that does not stick to the hand,
  3. Take the dough on the counter and knead it for 10 minutes,
  4. Cover it and rest for 15 mins.,
  5. Divide the dough into four pieces,
  6. Cover the three pieces, roll one of them and take on the floured counter,
  7. Roll out as square or rectangular as possible with a roller pin in the thickness of a knife edge,
  8. Rest it for 5-10 minutes and let it dry slightly,
  9. Fold the dough in four folds like a business letter and cut it into the desired length with a wide and sharp knife (this will be the length of the eriste),
  10. Place three or four of them on top of each other (you can lightly flour between them) and cut finely,
  11. Separate the ones attached together from each other (you can’t after they dry),
  12. Spread the eristes into a large tray,
  13. Roll and cut the other dough pieces in the same way and place them on the tray,
  14. If possible, put the tray in the sun, stir frequently and dry them in the sun,
  15. If it is not possible to dry them in the sun, you can dry them at room temperature stirring more often or in the oven at low heat (not allowing them to brown).
  16. After dried place the eriste in a lidded container and store in a cool place.

Enjoy your meal…


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